Table Drumming

No one knows who came up with table drumming, but we feel that someone should get credits for it. Here is the result of some highly uncertain research.

According to Wikipedia some of the earliest tables probably existed in old Egypt, approximately between 3150 BC – 343 BC.

By that time period the drum was already well spread across the world, and i presume that people drummed on random stuff back then as much as now. So after the birth of the table it would only be a matter of time before someone tried it, right there and then. So my own conclusions are to give the old Egyptians credits for inventing it, Alexander the great for bringing it to Europe and of course all you table drummer out there for keeping the legacy alive.

The movies

In the name of table drumming we have produced some movies for you to get inspired. We teamed up with some talented musicians and let our movie director Erik capture their unique styles. Go to “Inspiration” in the menu to check them out. 

We also made a short documentary to reflect some of the aspects and variety of table drumming. Watch it here!